Tree & Shrub Pruning

Our team is excellent at pruning your trees or shrubs. By keeping your trees properly trimmed, it allows for more sunlight to reach the grass underneath and a healthier lawn. Maybe you are tired of bonking your head on those lower branches!  We can raise the canopy on your tree, cut out the dead branches, thin out weak or damaged branches and overall shape your tree. Good trimming helps keep your tree healthy!


Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

We have all the equipment necessary to remove a tree from your property. We love trees so this one is a toughy for us! That is, unless it's damaged or dangerous to you or your property. We do what is takes to keep you safe. Ok, sometimes a tree just needs to be cut down. We get it :) We can take it back to dirt with our Stump Grinding Service as well.


Consultation Services

Our Arborists are here to assist you for all your tree needs. A sick tree, a cracked/split tree or perhaps a consultation on which tree would be best suited to plant. We love trees!